About Us

The Greek Business  A to Z is moving now into the 13th consecutive year of publication and is already established as the link between consumers and Greek businesses in London. On top of that we include selected businesses based in Birmingham.

In our effort to make the Greek Business   A to Z 2019 available to our community, we deliver copies of the new edition by post or by hand, to almost every company listed in our directory, something proved to be a huge success. Furthermore, we have increased the points from where the consumers can collect their free copy.
The listing in the directory section is free and the cost of promoting your business has been designed to suit all budgets.

Our events

1.    Greek Business  Forum is about bringing closer Greek businesses operating in the UK, encouraging its association with the rest of businesses in the UK, with reference to expansion of their activities and cooperation with businesses in other countries.

2.    Greek Business Leaders of the year’s dinner; It is held to recognize and honor the greatest business achievements for the last twelve months.

3.    Small Greek Businesses : The road to success. It brings small Greek Businesses together. At the same time we want to provide them with some professional advice and other information which could be very useful to them. Finally, we would like to link all these businesses with other businesses of bigger size.

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